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MVPAZ Learning Coach Community Open for All MVPAZ Learning Coaches!

Learning Coaches are able to connect and interact through the K12 app! This is an amazing opportunity to connect with the community and provide more interaction for families and staff! Much like a Facebook, Twitter, or other social media page, this is a safe and secure app where our families can talk with each other as part of the school for anything they want to discuss. It's a great way to meet other Learning Coaches and families, plan activities, share tips and tricks, ask questions, and so much more! We can't wait to see you there!

To join the Learning Coach Community (LCC), download the K12 app, log in using your Learning Coach credentials and then select communities. This will give you the options to see the MVPAZ and the Stride National Learning Coach Communities. The MVPAZ LCC is for MVPAZ families only, and the Stride LCC is a place to interact with Stride families all across the country!

Downloading the K12 App

The K12 App is available for use for many helpful tasks and socialization. It is available on IOS and Android through their app stores. To find the app in the app store search K12 and look for the logo seen to the right

The K12 app is a fantastic and amazing resource to make schooling easier. The app allows you to perform important tasks like:

    • Starting and completing enrollment

  • Tracking your student's progress

  • Viewing your schedule and courses

  • Logging daily attendance

  • Receiving instant notifications

  • Communicating your plans for re-enrolling

  • Joining the MVPAZ Learning Coach Community

Download the K12 App today to start making school easier!

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