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Re-Registration 22/23

Thank you for a wonderful 2 years MVPAZ families! As you know, we are closing our doors at the end of this school year. However, we have some excellent transfer opportunities should you wish to stay with the K12/Stride schools and continue with the same curriculum that we use here at MVPAZ. Please check out our FAQs below to determine your next school option and transfer session dates and times where you can learn more or ask additional questions you may have.

22/23 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Schooling Options

Q: What K12/Stride schooling options are available for my students?

A: Arizona Virtual Academy (AZVA) services students in grades K-12 and Insight Academy of Arizona (ISAZ) services students in grades 7-12. Both are accredited charter schools that use the same platforms and curriculum as MVPAZ.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Simply complete this 2 minute survey to sign up for a transfer to Arizona Virtual Academy (AZVA) or Insight Academy of Arizona (ISAZ).”

Q: How do I chose between AZVA and ISAZ?

A: AZVA is a college prep school offering general education courses, honors, concurrent college enrollment, foreign language, and career prep opportunities for high school students. AZVA students are typically enrolled in 6 core courses per semester. Various clubs and the National Honors Society are offered as well. The school runs on semesters (2 per year). AZVA services grades K-12.

To learn more about AZVA, check out their website

A: ISAZ is an alternative, Kids at Hope school offering credit recovery and career prep opportunities for middle and high school students. The school runs on trimesters (3 per year). ISAZ students are typically enrolled in 4 core courses per trimester. The school services grades 7-12.

To learn more about ISAZ, check out their website

Q: What are the career prep offerings at each school?

A: AZVA will offer the following career pathways:

  • Engineering & Technology

  • Heavy Machine Operations

  • Law Enforcement Services

  • Therapeutics

A: ISAZ will offer the following career pathways:

  • Game Design & Programming

  • Web & Digital Communication

  • Marketing & Entrepreneurship

  • Medical Assisting and Education & Training

Q: How will my documents get to AZVA and ISAZ?

A: MVPAZ and AZVA/ISAZ staff will work closely together during the transfer process to make sure your student’s information and documents are transferred over.

Q: If we transfer to AZVA/ISAZ will we keep our K12/Stride Computer?

A: Yes! Students who plan to transfer to AZVA/ISAZ will continue with the same computer they received from MVPAZ, so you will not have to send it back in.

Q: We are moving out to state but want to stay with a K12/Stride school. Is that an option?

A: We have schools in most states and can typically make a transfer happen, but different states have different requirements. Please email Meghan Griffin to find out if your new state is accepting students.

Q: We are going to a new school outside of the K12/Stride network. Do we need to do anything?

A: Please complete this 2 minute survey to let us know you are not re-registering.

Info Sessions

Townhall with AZVA/ISAZ/MVPAZ School Administration: Friday, April 1st at 12:00 PM. All Learning Coaches and Families are invited to join us on Friday, April 1st from 12:00 to 1:00 PM as AZVA/ISAZ Head of School Charles Woods, MVPAZ Head of School Bouchra Bouanani, and Academic Administrators from all 3 schools host a townhall session to answer your questions about transferring to AZVA or ISAZ for next school year. Our Heads of Schools will be discussing the transfer process, answering frequently asked questions, and answering questions you have. We highly recommend attending if you want to know more about AZVA/ISAZ and the transfer process!

This session will be available on Learning Coach account schedules and the recording will be available to view afterwards for those who cannot attend live. The session can also be accessed by clicking on the link here.

For questions about this session please email Coach K at

AZVA and ISAZ are Online Public Charter Schools open to residents of Arizona and they are Sister Schools of MVPAZ! They are both powered by Stride/K12 (just like us) and use the same online platform as we do!

Transfer Survey Form

Please take a moment to complete our school registration survey for the 22/23 school year. You can mark whether you plan to transfer to AZVA/ISAZ or attend elsewhere by clicking here to submit your information.